Fabio Marcaccini

Fabio Marcaccini

What's the spirit of adventure?

You choose to follow the way others tend to avoid. For the sake of adventuring and sort the problems relying solely on your own path resources. The spirit of adventure can go a long way, sometimes far away. Like reaching India from the Adriatic coast riding an old air-cooled BMW boxer, exploring around the former Soviet Union, crossing Africa from Cairo to Cape Town or taking a BMW R 1200 GS, the best-selling model at the moment, the comfortable bike for every situation, and transforming it completely.

Fabio's spirit of adventure comes from the depths and colors of Africa. It is a gust of southern wind coming from curiosity and apprehension. When he left in 1987 for the first of his consequent five Paris - Dakar what this now forty-seven years old rider knew about rally races and the African continent was from the magazines. Internet, satellite navigation and mobile phones were almost science fiction, the desert was just a distant and uncertain mirage. Fabio knew only the asphalt and the curbs up to the year before when he raced the 250 at the European Championship for the italian team. But none of this mattered much. "I called Montebelli (his fellow), he looked out the from the window and I asked if he wanted to come with me to Algeria to look at a couple of stages of the Dakar: "you either go racing or just stay home!" he said. A few weeks later we loaded our van with two enduro bikes and almost without money and professional equipment we just set up.

Now Fabio hasn't rode for three years and he is dedicated to his family in his country house with an adjoining laboratory in San Clemente, a village on the hills near Riccione. From the windows the view spreads on the outskirts of Tavullia, while just behind there there's Coriano, the village of Marco Simoncelli. Rolling countryside and quiet must not mislead: this remote corner of Romagna produces fast men. The spirit of adventure remains intact in Fabio who has dragged it into his working skills building this draft BMW. His final journey is not on the motorbike but "in" the motobike: the evolution of the R 1200 GS Adventure with which he has bisected the African Continent in 2008. This was a different journey but as challenging and exciting as crossing the Sahara. No wonder that the 1200 Off Ride, as it was renamed, is a result of invaluable experiences on routes across the world. Off as different and Off Ride like driving anywhere, anyway. "I followed the idea of a "total" bike, suitable for any off-road use and easy to go to the bar for a coffee, down to Riccione or all the way to Dakar. A GS Adventure in facts, not because a marketing department decided to call it so. "

It takes uncommon courage and skills to be able to say something about the GS, the best-selling motorcycle in Italy and versatile from its DNA. Exactly those of  a character balanced between a designer and a craftsman like Marcaccini, somebody who turns ideas into products ready for industrialization. The ambivalent nature of the prototypes maker is also noticeable in the structure of the Unit, his design lab. Tools and machinery ground floor, computers and files on the mezzanine, just a few steps up. A place where thinking, experimenting, and building together in a unique creative process is dictated by experience and voted to modularity.

courtesy Italian Riders - June 2010 - Paul Sormani text - photo Daniele Testa

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